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Real Work

One of my favorite challenges as a copywriter is to play with tone of voice. As an intern at FKA, Dentsu, and Magnet Media, I've been given the opportunity to work on a wide range of clients with very different voices.


Role: concepted all these posts over the summer with the new content creator and wrote the copy for the summer posts.


GNC Beyond Raw

Beyond Raw's audience is made up of extremely passionate lifters that push beyond physical limits. To match that energy on social, we created posts that go beyond the expected with over the top concepts that build upon different parts of culture.

Role: I helped the team concept these posts and executed the copy/video scripts to post on Instagram.


Caption: Never in our gummiest dreams could we imagine a more beast trio.

10 Reps 10 Questions Series

Produced by FKA

CD: Jason Liberatore            ACD Copy: David Bailey            ADD: Drew Thorla         Designer: Justin Guerino            CW Intern: Paris Cipollone


Intel Vision is the tech conference for business innovators. But leaders can have a lot of different visions for their companies, so we made it easy for them by separating our technologies into 4 superpowers that can launch their businesses: AI, Cloud to Edge, Ubiquitous Compute, and Pervasive Connectivity.

Role: We concepted and executed over 20 posts, across LinkedIn and Twitter for Intel Vision.


Caption: The right technology can make a world of difference. #HybridCloud combines performance with security, so you can move on to the next big challenge. Don’t miss our kickoff event streaming live on May 10. #IntelON


Caption: Together, we can imagine more 🧠
#AI can help forge a path to your next partnership, invention, or opportunity. Learn how at our kickoff event on May 10. #IntelON


Caption: At the #edge lies transformation, connectivity, and intelligence-driven results. Listen to Intel’s @nickmckeown1 discuss the future of Edge computing during Intel Vision’s keynote event streaming May 10. #IntelON

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 8.48.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 8.47.42 PM.png

Produced by DentsuMB

CD: Timothy Gunatilaka         ACD: Henry Joe Peterson               CW Intern: Paris Cipollone              AD InternCharles Hilger

Osprey Funds

How do you get investment bankers to notice a new crypto fund company? You a colorful commercial featuring the mascot that stands out in investment traders boring, dull work environments.

Role: I was a part of a small 3 person creative team and contributed to each step of the process from ideating concepts, to pitching ideas to clients, to refining scripts, to helping source 3D animators.


Produced by Magnet Media Inc.

CD: Michelle Rafalik             Design: Francois Visaya & Micheal Mungai            Creative Intern: Paris Cipollone

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