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A Leatherman is more than a multi-tool that can fix things. It's a tool that can fix your story. Brief: Transform a functional brand into a meaningful brand that holds emotional value with customers. Insight: Leatherman’s tools last a lifetime. But it’s rare that in your lifetime, you’ll encounter more than a few survival situations where a Leatherman comes in handy. However, there are plenty of everyday moments where you can use a Leatherman to change the outcome of your story to better your life. And the people that can most exemplify how a Leatherman can change the outcome of a life are iconic characters from fairytales, folklore, movies, and literature. Idea: Fix your story. Process: I had a ton of fun sourcing characters for this project as I was an English major in undergrad and read Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales for fun. My favorite part of this project was writing copy where the villains got their happy ending as I’ve always loved a good villain arc.


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Penguin Random House and Leatherman challenges children's reliance on technology with their new book release, Made of Mettle. The story shows how kids, equipped with ingenuity and a few tools, can tackle any problems.

Kids are reliant on tech.

This picture book wants to change that. 


Copywriter: Paris Cipollone

Art Director: Miranda Arias

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