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Produced Work at FKA

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Off with the social media manager’s thumbs and all hail Pop-Tarts! For one month, our brand new Pop-Tarts characters took over social media and introduced themselves. 


Caption: OK—handing over the keys to the Agents of Crazy Good. Hope I still have a job in a few weeks🤞

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Caption: “Give the sentient toaster pastries the keys to the account,” they said. “It won’t be weird at all…” 🙄 


IG Caption: Hot Fudge here 🫶 By the end of the week, I expect us all to be ride-or-dies, so spill your most personal Pop-Tarts tea in the comments

Tik Tok Caption: Hot Fudge here 🫶 taking over your FYP. I’ll be chillin in the comments, so there better be some 🔥 chats


I was trusted to write the copy for Pop-Tarts surprise and delight letters, which celebrate a range of Pop-Tarts fans. A true fangirl moment for me was when I wrote a letter to THE Hailee Steinfeld (or I hope it was her and not her social team).

Social Campaign Produced by FKA

Role: I wrote the copy for all the Group Pop-Tarts and Hot Fudge Sundae Posts, and the Instagram bio for the Group Pop-Tarts.

Letters Produced by FKA

Role: I wrote the copy for all the letters and workshopped them with my Copywriting lead.

Rose: A big thank you to the entire Pop-Tarts team who gave me the opportunity to work on this project. You made my dreams come true and my mom still brags to her friends that I wrote the Pop-Tarts Instagram bio.


Bud: I tapped into my inner Gen Z and slayyyyed this project. 😜 


Thorn: Being gluten-free sucks. It means you have to give away all your free Pop-Tarts. Do you want one? 

CD: Jason Liberatore            Senior CW: Danny Zillmer            Senior AD: Elayna Milano            CW: Christopher Kolling              Designer: Justin Guerino            CW Intern: Paris Cipollone

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